Saturday, June 19, 2010

Dj : Snake Poursten
Name : Syafeeq
Current City : Kuala Lumpur
Religious Views: ISLAM

Its all about making lil music everyday until i died,its a beautiful ride

-Dance,House,Vocal,Funk,Rock etc



◄███▓▒░░SNAKE POURSTEN░░▒▓███►

As both composer and producer, Snake Poursten has been living in two worlds for quite some time. One is the world of electronic music, where he has created extraordinary, melodious Trance, Electro and House, but the main genre is more to Trance and electro tracks.

Worldwide fame came courtesy of numerous top tracks "Sweet September(Original 2009) ", “Razor Fish(Remix)”,“Igniti
on(Remix)”, “Extacy(Remix)”, “Perfect Blend(Remix)” ,"In Silence(remix) , "I Just Died In Your Arms (Electrance Remix) , "What You Waiting For - MizzNina ft Colby O' Donis (Dance/Club Remix) and Live It - Fentura (Electrance Remix). The other world is an atmospheric domain – smoother songs to lose yourself in, where you can begin to be blown away.

In his life, Snake Poursten always make sure that music is always be number 1 in people life. Starting his career early 2004 and still standing until now but he always promised for the best for his fans and supporters.

~Snake Poursten~


Dj Snake Atau Apit aDALAH sIFU dALAM hIDUp sayfulz kalau k0rang nk ta0.. byk berjasa mengajar dan mendidik aku dalam bidang dj ini, dari aku tak tau apa itu dj, dia banyak membantu aku mix lagu dan produce lagu , walaupun satu p0wn tak berhasil ...
hahahaha...... tapi dya adalah terbaeeekkkk dari perut ibu nyaa sndiri .. hehehe!!
jgn marah snake !!~