Tuesday, March 29, 2011

DesignedbyItem's concept design for a future iPhone.

(Credit: designedbyitem.com)

I originally posted this column the day after the iPhone 4 launched, which is why you see a lot of comments dating back to June of last year. At the time, I apologized for talking about the next-generation iPhone within hours of the 4's release, but I knew that a lot of iPhone 3 and 3GS owners (like me) were planning on skipping the iPhone 4 and already looking ahead.

Now, six months later, we have a new iPhone 4 from Verizon. Except for some small design changes, including some tweaks to the antenna design, it really isn't all that different from the AT&T version. But with its official release, I thought it would be a good idea to update my list of iPhone 5 fantasy features to reflect the current iPhone landscape and incorporate the latest rumors.

The end result is a list of 20 items ordered from least to most important in a reverse countdown. I've also included what I think are the odds of Apple actually implementing each request. As always, feel free to agree or disagree with me and make your own suggestions (and to post your own ordered wish list). Perhaps Apple's listening.